About Us

Our Credo

Our credo outlines the values that drive our purpose, decision making and continued innovative measures around the globe.

Established since 2013, Kool Breeze Solar Hat® is a California based company providing patented solar hats worldwide. Our battery-free solar powered hat instantly ventilates your head, once sunlight hits the ingrained solar panel. We have over a decade of valuable experience in testing, manufacturing and evaluating innovative solar cooling hats. Our one of a kind, unique products have been handmade and designed to address the one common denominator for all outdoor activities- the sun. Our hats are scientifically proven to cool down your head and body by 10 degrees, after 5 minutes of sun exposure. We pride ourselves on being a customer based company that values the satisfaction and safety of each customer. Kool Breeze Solar Hats® is dedicated to making a difference one sun hat at a time- by creating products that protect from sun burn, sun damage, cancer and extensive exposure to the heat.

Our Vision 

To provide innovative stylish headwear that will keep people cool and protective under the sun.

Our Mission

For you to feel comfortable and protected under the sun!  Solar-powered headwear.  Innovative.  Stylish.  Sounds incredible?   Not only will you stay cool and not sweat, you will experience eco-friendly comfort.